Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bicycle Boy

Teaching a child to ride a bike ... this has NOT been a strong suit for us. I remember when Landon was little, I saw others his age out riding, but we just hadn't made it a priority. He did eventually get there. I do distinctly remember Grayson running behind Callahan, teaching him, (probably because I took pictures and made a scrapbook page, see it here). For Keaton ... it was actually our babysitter who ran behind him and got him going (I was pregnant and Gray had just had surgery for his Achilles, so neither of us were really able to that summer). With our last two little boys, the belated-bike riding has been even more pronounced, as ALL the little neighbors have been out on bikes at very young ages (the boy next door was riding without training wheels at age two or three!). The original bike used by the first three boys had fallen apart, so I had purchased a new one last year. Both Cooper and Colton had ridden some, with the training wheels, but hadn't had a lot of practice. This past week, Colton came home from a friend's house and said he wanted to try his bike without the training wheels. I wasn't sure we were ready for that step, but Colton proved me wrong. He borrowed a neighbor's bike ... and he was off. I have to admit I was a little surprised! Daddy did go ahead and take off the training wheels ( ... Cooper has yet to master bike riding, but with a broken arm, it isn't in the immediate future) and Colton LOVES going out and showing off his new skills!

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  1. Good for Colton! We have been lousy in that area too. Often it is because all our bikes have holes in the tires and we never get around to fixing them. Poor Jaiden has still yet to ride a bike -- although I am sure she could if she tried for a minute or two. I'd better go bug Rick to fix the bikes now that the weather is warming up!


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