Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Three Things

For mutual one week, the boys had an interesting activity. They were to put three things that represented "who" they were into a brown paper sack. Then during the activity, everyone got to know each other a bit better, based on these three things.
  • Grayson put a pinewood derby wheel, a gadget tool, and an oreo cookie in his sack. He does love his tools and gadgets (especially anything electronic), he IS the derby dude ... and oreos? Gray is my cookie monster!
  • Landon selected a mini bottle of Martinellis Cider (A Drinking Problem?), a Nerf bullet (representing all things guns, see Airsoft Arsenal and Nerf Mania) and a silver dollar from his coin collection (Coin Collecting). He also put his items in his Toy Story Lunch Sack, instead of a generic paper bag. 
  • Callahan selected a basketball (a small bouncy ball version), a Reeses, and inspired by Landon, a coin from his collection. I think he should have put his iphone in, because that kid is ALWAYS on it playing games and texting friends.
  • Keaton put in something Star Wars (Star Wars Stuff), a Pokemon Gameboy game and one of his coins. 
I remember the elementary school doing a similar thing. A "get to know you" game at the start of the school year. I can't remember what Colton and Cooper put in their sacks. I really wanted to write this post, so I'd at least remember this activity at this point in time.

It got me thinking ... what would MY three items be? My Fitbit. I'm somewhat obsessed with my "steps" and my Fitbit feedback about my daily activity. My iphone ... it is a variety of things. My other fitness apps (MFP, etc.), my music, my books, my camera and photos, my ability to stay in contact with my family (texting, calls, email and of course the Mommy Stalker). I guess I'd throw a basketball in my bag too, as the boy's basketball is such a big part of my life too.

What three items would you put in your sack?

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