Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Drinking Problem?

I think we have a drinking problem here at the Blackham house. On New Years Eve, I noticed a bottle of Martinelli's Apple Cider in our food storage room. I grabbed it and brought it upstairs for our celebration. I don't drink it myself, but the boys (Landon especially) thought it hit the spot. So much so, that he wanted MORE. SO much so, that the next day he made a special trip to the store just to get some ... two stores in fact, and he could not find it in stock.

I'm not sure if there had been a run on it, or if Landon was looking in the wrong locations. I had some trouble finding any either. The first time I brought home a couple of bottles, the boys were very happy. I then found them in stock again at Sam's Club (a three pack) and bought a couple of those ... as I picked up the empty bottles and heard them clank in the trash can, it really felt like those scenes from the movies after a big drinking party.

Another popular product, directly related to the consumption of the apple cider is pebbled ice. Pebbled ice is great. I got sick back in December and just couldn't eat or drink, even though I knew I should (The Flu x2 Diet). On the final day, when the influenza bug changed to a stomach flu, and I was down 10 pounds in the week I'd been sick, Gray went and bought some pebbled ice in an attempt to keep me somewhat hydrated. It did hit the spot ... 

The bag of ice, sitting out in the cold on the back porch was still there for the first apple cider indulgence. The pebbled ice was then almost as important as the cider itself (it just wasn't the same with the old boring ice from the freezer). We've continued to re-stock, picking up a bag of pebbled ice from Maceys. As it's gotten warmer, we have had to make room in the freezer, instead of just leaving it on the back porch. We've even talked about the possibility of getting a pebbled ice maker (cost and space are a problem).

Are you a cider drinker?
Do you prefer pebbled ice?

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