Friday, February 28, 2014

I Love Les Miserables

For Christmas, Pammy gave Gray and I season tickets to Hale Theater. One of the productions this year was Les Miserables. I LOVE Les Miserables! I'm not sure when, why or how I discovered it. It was during my high school years. I picked up the tapes (yes, that was in the olden days, when cassette tapes were the way to listen to music) and immediately fell in love with the songs and the story. I picked up the complete set, not just the highlights, and envisioned it unfolding in my imagination.

It was my senior year or the year after ... Les Mis was traveling and was coming to Utah. I dreamed about going but didn't think it would actually happen. It was Christmas. Hanging on the tree was a gift for me from my brother Scott. An envelope. I opened it ... it was tickets to Les Miserables. I think I burst into tears. When the show came, we went, and it was wonderful.

When I started dating Grayson, we were taking a trip with his family. We drove separately to Idaho, and had several hours on the road. Gray had actually grown up on a video production of Les Miserables. He knew the story, but not the music. I introduced him to the music. I probably drove him crazy stopping the tape player and excitedly explaining how the stage had been set. Later, when we got married, Grayson got us tickets to go together.

When Les Mis played at Tuacahn, we went down to see it (my brother-in-law and niece were actually in it). We saw the movie when the big screen version was made. When I heard Hale Theater had it on their schedule, I was excited to see it on a center stage. It was really good. It's selling out fast, so if you want to catch it, you'd better not wait.

My boys don't really know anything about Les Miserables ... other than hearing me sing some of the songs (much to their dismay). But Gray, Landon and Callahan have a trip to New York coming up, and seeing Les Miserables there is on the docket (also going with Maga, Kolby and Jami. Will Swenson, a friend from high school is playing the part of Javart). I was included in the invitation of course ... but New York is more intimidating than inviting for me. 

Landon showed me this skit comedy spoof ...
 I thought it was pretty funny!

Do YOU love Les Miserables?

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