Friday, January 3, 2014

Mommy Stalker

Just thought I'd share a favorite app ... the Find My Friends app. The boys call it the "Mommy Stalker" and I fully admit that name isn't far from the truth. Using the GPS on their phone, I can look and see where they are (or at least where their phone is). The boys don't LOVE the app ... but I mean, they ARE telling me the truth about where they are anyway, right? So no big deal. 

As I'm prepping dinner, sometimes I can see where Gray is to try and time the meal so it is hot and ready when he arrives (on the freeway, so about 30 minutes away, or still at the office, hold off for a bit). Callahan is Mr. Social and is NEVER home, just wandering from one friend's home to the next.  In reality, this app (and the ability to text and call him whenever) is the only reason Callahan HAS an iphone (and he knows it). Too many times before, I'd have no idea where he was or how to contact him. How did mommy's survive before cell phones? Landon too ... he actually got his iphone before I discovered this app, but ... that phone died after an experiment in a "waterproof" case. I couldn't stand not being able to contact the kid or knowing where he was and if he was ok  ... so he has a new phone. Spoiled rotten kids, right? They just have to put up with the Mommy Stalker ...

... and it's reciprocal of course, they can track ME as well!


  1. Wow -- that sounds really cool! We don't have I-phones though -- does it only work on them?

    1. I do believe it is an iphone app, and as it uses GPS, it does need to be a phone with service (which is pricey). Although I guess I could try it with Keaton's Ipod touch ... I think it would work when he had wifi and was "connected" ...


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