Monday, February 17, 2014


We had my folks over for New Years, and we played games all night long. They brought Rummikub and taught us the "Speed Rummikub" version, which was an instant hit. The next day, my boys wanted to play it some more, but the grandparents had taken their set home with them. I was pretty sure we did have the game. I could picture it in my mind's eye ... a battered little brown box. I went down to our game closet and rooted around and sure enough, I found it.

It is a smaller "miniature" version but after a few rounds the boys adapted to the mini tiles and the smaller stands (my parents have some stands that my grandpa made which are much more user friendly). The boys have been playing every day, and have taught the game to their friends as well. We've also had my parents over again several times for "Grandparents and Games" and it's always a lot of fun. My parents had a full size version that they ended up giving to our family ... although we don't have the custom stands. While the custom ones are easier to work with, the kids do have a tradition of slapping down the plastic stands with a bang when they win.

Progressive Rummy was another favorite game when I was a teen. My friends would come over and play it with my parents. Gray and I have played it many times with my folks over the years as well. We introduced it to the kids (the older ones anyway, as it's a bit more complex) and Landon loves it. It's always so funny playing it with my mom ... she gets SO silly, often laughing until there are tears. We tease her about buying so many cards, that "they all have possibilities" and that she had "three legs" *Ü*  Grayson can be quite entertaining too!

Families that play together stay together!

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