Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter Weather

It's been a relatively mild winter this year ... no ice storms like last year (ice is NOT nice). I mean, it's been cold ... which has been more noticeable to me as the heat has decided not to work in the suburban. First the hot air stopped blowing ... Gray filled up the antifreeze and then it worked again for a while, but soon wasn't working again. We need to get it in to be looked at. The seat heaters also went out. I LOVE my seat heaters and miss them so much.  My backside misses them most of all!

We have had some snow. Enough that Cooper made a snowman using his "snowman set" he received for Christmas.  We haven't really had any snowball fights or sledding like I recall in years past though. 

I remember one day in January, I looked out the window to see HUGEMONGOUS snowflakes falling. I'd never seen any that big. You really couldn't even call them "flakes" ... they were clumps. Very cool ... I grabbed the camera, but a picture doesn't really do them justice.

We had some fog too. I don't like driving in the fog, but I must admit it is rather cool. I love how it coats the trees and everything ... it's beautiful!

So while I don't really mind the mild winter, and it certainly makes building homes easier for Grayson ... we are wondering about the water situation. Since Gray bought the wave runners last summer, he's really invested in the water levels at the lakes.

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