Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve

 For the past several years, we've hosted a "game night" on New Year's Eve. Generally, it's just been the grandparents, although a couple years there we included the entire Westra side. This year we had my mom and dad, and Gray's mom over.

At first, the three older boys were at the church playing basketball (from about 7:00-9:00), then of course, Callahan (Mr. Social) had plans with friends. But Landon and Keaton returned home to join the game playing. Until they got there, Grandma played some games with the munchkins, while I challenged Grandpa to a game of ping pong. I won! 

We played some Rack-O, and then Grandma introduced us to "speed rummykub" which was an instant hit! 

Grandpa brought out a box of "New Year" wear.
Who wears it best? The Grandmas (pictured above)?
Or Landon and I (pictured below) *Ü*
Cooper didn't make it to midnight, but Colton was still going strong! We got a lot of game play in, then turned on the TV to watch the traditional ball drop. I sent Landon out to pick up Callahan, and we bid my parents goodnight. Pam was actually so tired she opted to spend the night! Maga sleep over. She snuck out uber early ... and you'll see why in the next post.

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