Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pastry Wreath

A New Year's tradition that has been going on ... for years and years now, is Pam's famous pastry wreath. It takes a ton of time to make, and NOT very long to devour.  Everyone had been a little concerned when as of New Year's Eve, Pam didn't have all the ingredients on hand and was talking about the possibility of NOT making the wreath this year. WHAT? Luckily (for everyone but Pammy), she got up uber early, hit the store, then hit the kitchen.

With a little later start (often she preps some the night before) she passed on some of the steps to little kitchen helpers. Addie and Aiden were very involved in the process this year. 

Pastry Wreath Pictures

Maga, her pastry wreath ... and a Landon photo bomb.

Thanks Pammy!

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