Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cub Cooper

If you know Cooper, you know he's not a fan of being out of his comfort zone. He's a homebody. He takes after his mommy that way. Cooper HAD been going to cub scouts ... then he stopped and it just wasn't worth the effort to force him.  He didn't even participate in the pinewood derby (and his dad is THE derby guy!) 

As there were some change ups in the leadership, we were approached about Cooper starting to attend again. He was very reticent, and it was so close to his 10th birthday (so he only would have been with that group for a couple of weeks) that again, I didn't push the issue. When he DID turn 10, his new leader stopped by and put on the spot, he decided to give it a try. He really liked it and has been going ever since.

I remember him bringing home a cricket to care for ... for a week or two anyway. I do think Cooper's cricket lasted the longest, but I don't know if he really noticed when the cricket wasn't there any more. They boys learned a lot of things, and got the badges, patches and pins at pack meetings. There are NOT a lot of boys Cooper's age in the neighborhood, and at times, Cooper was the ONLY one at the weekly meetings. His leaders would come pick him up and drop him back off ... which I really appreciated, as I was often busy running boys to basketball practices and such.

Now Colton has turned 8 ... so we have TWO cubs!

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