Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby Boy's Baptism

Biggest Blackham Boy Baptizes Baby Blackham Boy

How's that for alliteration? Any before you get after me for calling Colton my "baby" ... HE doesn't seem to mind, and he'll always be my baby boy! Even if he is now eight years old. We decided to let Landon have the experience of baptizing Colton, and he did a good job. The rest of the Blackham boys helped in the program, giving a poem and the two talks (I'll share those in my next post). We had a lot of friends and family come out for this event. And it was the ONE week we didn't have ANY basketball games!

At the house after, we had a chocolate fountain.

Congrats to Colton!

Just last month, it was Addie's baptism.
I thought this picture of my five boys
around the pretty girl was a fun photo.
These kids are growing up!

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