Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Incredible Kid Eating Couch

Many years ago, we had a sectional couch with removable cushions and pillows. They were always taken off to build forts and have pillow fights. When Gray and I decided to get a NEW couch, the one thing we both insisted upon, was that NOTHING was removable. When we found this brown leather sectional, we both really liked it. But just because the pieces don't come off (or at least they don't come apart easily, they DO come off, as you can see in the Misc Memories post here), doesn't mean that the kids leave things well enough alone. They are always sticking arms, heads, feet, into the deep pockets and folds of the couch (which is actually a REALLY scary prospect, because they also stick a lot of other things in there too ... candy wrappers, dirty socks, remotes, homework). As I anticipated writing this post, I kept my camera handy to capture the kids as they lost parts of themselves in the kid-eating couch (none of these pictures were posed, although in the one above I did call out to Colton to get his cute face in the photo too). 

I didn't catch Keaton being eaten ... I'll have to keep watching ...

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