Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cooper's Coins

This is one of those posts that I kept thinking about but never got around to posting. Coins aren't as big an interest now, but this last summer... Cooper was obsessed! I did my first coin post back in February (here) after Grayson brought home a random 50¢ piece from a trip he'd gone on. That lead to proof sets, silver dollars, gold dollars and more ... Cooper would beg his Daddy to take him to the coin store (and Daddy did several times over the summer) and they would always come home with treasures. He would browse Ebay and drool over different coins he wanted. Daddy joined a mail order coin club. I ordered some change from around the world off Amazon, and the kids had fun sorting the coins into the different countries they came from. If anyone would come over, Cooper would proudly pull out his coin box and tell the poor unsuspecting soul ALL about every single coin. He knew all the presidents on the gold dollars and was always on the lookout for those few he hadn't collected yet. Every store we went to, he would bring a dollar bill and ask if they had any gold dollars he could exchange it for. He sent dollar bills to school with Callahan, as the machine there gives them out for change.

... just as Cooper outgrew his weather worries, he has moved on from his coin collection obsession. I don't remember the last time he got them out and looked them over, counted them, stacked them, sorted them ...

His latest obsession is music ...

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  1. Hey Jen
    It is so good to hear from you since we don't see your family often but I follow your blog religiously and I seriously can't believe how big your family is getting, such good lookin boys you have. I hate broken body parts and you probably have more than I do on occasion lol but I hope his foot gets better sooner then later and that sucks he won't be playing basketball cuz I know your family loves that sport, we more or less do it for fun and to keep us busy I guess. And Braken's hair does change how he looks huh, I sometimes have to double take him cuz it throws me off but I figure by the time he's older he'll be over the whole colored hair craze and we'll move on to something hopefully bigger and better. Hope your all doing well and tell grayson and pam we all said hi. Love you guys!


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