Friday, November 9, 2012

Let it Snow

Friday was the first "sticking" snowstorm (the 1st official snowfall was in October, but it didn't stay around long enough for the kids to play). I took Callahan to school and came home to find Cooper and Colton dragging out the boots, gloves and hats (I was a little surprised they had found them!) and heading out to play.

 Keaton got dressed up and joined in on the fun, making a big pile of snow, then carving a hole in it. The picture at top (the "arch") was his finished product, but the hole started smaller ...

View from the front (above)
View from the back (below)

The boys molded snow shapes using buckets. The snow continued through Saturday, and Landon and Callahan joined in the fun too (I let Callahan take off his "boot" to put on boots). Landon pulled out all the old ice cream buckets and attempted to make an igloo (he destroyed it before I got pictures, it only got about halfway up before it started collapsing). 

... snowballs ... or a horizontal snowman?

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