Sunday, September 30, 2012

Misc. Monthly Memories

   I didn't get my regular "Miscellaneous Monthly Memories" post for August ... I think almost all the pictures had their own post. I did look through my photo folders and found a few pictures that are blogworthy, although maybe not enough for an individual post. The "Ninja Boys" in the photo above was from August ... the boys have pulled this pose several times. It always makes me laugh.

Cute Cooper ... ala Spiderman
He got facepainted at a friend's birthday party.

The boys pulled out the big chess set and it got a LOT of use over several days. The bigger boys taught Colton how to play. Colton loved it!

When I cleaned out my purse, I found all these old passes to JUMP ...
The Blackham Boys are bouncers. 
We'll be back in Oct (when the little ones go off-track).

Callahan fell asleep on the couch, 
and Landon took the couch cushions right out from under him!

Over on the Westra side of the family, Grandpa fell while working at Chris and Kim's house. His arm bruised up beautifully! I was out visiting (Mom and I went out to lunch, Dad and I played some tennis, yes, he beat me even with that arm!) and I insisted they take a picture while the bruise was so colorful! As the arm continued to bother Grandpa, he went in for an x-ray and there was a fracture at the wrist. So he's in a wrist brace now. His pinky finger is still bothering him, so hopefully they'll check that out at his next appointment.

... I don't really watch the news, but caught this story about flooding in St. George after my sister emailed that they had just barely been missed (their neighbors were not so lucky).  Here's a link to her post and more pictures ... (The Jensen Journal). 

Well, that's just some of the random happenings from August and September ... can you believe it's October already???

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