Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Derby Down

The Jordan Oaks 1st Ward Pinewood Derby was last night. This was Cooper's first official derby. Cooper did get into the car making, anxious for Daddy to get home from work so they could cut and sand and paint. Grayson actually hosted a couple derby workshops for all the boys who would be competing, but he was usually so busy helping everyone else during those times, that Cooper waited until he had his dad all to himself.

Here's Cooper with his completed car.
He's a Jazz fan!

The night before the derby, Cooper had a little meltdown. He said he didn't want to go to the derby, that it just takes too long. He didn't put up too much resistance the next night when it was time to go, and after his first race ... he was COMPLETELY into it. I'm sure the fact that he was winning every race didn't hurt.

Of course I put together a little Muvee 
with the pictures and video from the race ...

Congrats Cooper!

Just so you know ... Grayson really does NOT like having his son be an uncontested winner at our own derby *Ü* He said they really didn't put much work into the wheels ... sometimes a fast car is a fluke!

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