Friday, April 27, 2012

Off-Track Time

Spring Break ... and that transitioned into off-track time for the Columbia Kids. The last day of Spring Break, before the older kids had to go back to school, we went to Jump N Bounce and redeemed our family pass that I'd bought on Groupon a while back. $25 for unlimited jumping for a family of four for a whole month (regular price is $50, which is still decent if you use it a lot). Can't beat that deal! We always take friends with us because bouncing with buddies is just SO much more fun than bouncing alone. The first trip, we took Bailey, Jacob and Jaxon, and were happy to have Callahan along too. The boys brought a big ball and played tag with it.

We hit JUMP eight more times while the kids were off track. Almost all of those times, we went with the DiFran Fam. Tony, Marc and Mara ... the same age as Keaton, Cooper and Colton.  We brought other friends too (Reagan and Hailey in the picture above) ... I forgot to snap a picture on the visits that Sadie, Randon and Chad came along. Jacob and Jaxon bounced with us multiple times too.

One day we got there right as it was opening up, before everything inflated ... it sure looks different with all the bouncy houses down! It was fun watching them fill with air and slowly rise to full height.

We also spent a fun day at the park (photo above), and a day just hanging at the house (both with the DiFran Family) ... the kids pulled out the small swimming pool and sprinklers as it was a warm, sunny day (I can't believe I didn't go out and get some pictures!).  One of the days the DiFran family was busy, we went to Jungle Jims with the cousins.

I remember once upon a time when the kids were simply content to be off-track. They would play and hang out at home without complaining (well, Callahan would complain of being bored, but Keaton and Cooper are homebodies, and they never did, the two hours of bowling twice a week was enough to keep them busy) ... but they do now. They've gotten spoiled and used to being entertained! "Where are we going today??" is the new off-track question. We didn't hit Fun N Motion or Nicklemania like last off-track time ... Fun N Motion closed down ... SO sad about that! And I think Nicklemania changed their hours, and didn't open until 1:00, which doesn't give the boys much time to play as I have to leave to pick up Landon at 2:30.  I had a bowling Groupon, but we didn't get around to using that either ... 

I wonder if we'll make it back to JUMP before our month pass expires ...

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