Sunday, April 8, 2012

An EGGcellent Easter

It's Easter ... eggs, eggs and more eggs. We didn't actually dye eggs at our house this year. The Sunday before Easter (Conference Weekend) we went up to Maga's and she had hard boiled a ton of eggs for the kids to color. I was more than happy not have the mess myself. Colton really liked his eggs and was sad when I actually USED some of them to make a sandwich for Daddy's lunch.

Another BIG egg job is trying to match up all the plastic egg ends ... after the big family hunt, all the eggs are emptied and given back to the Blackham Bunch to fill for next year. Landon actually raided the egg stash and used about 100 of them to ask his date to prom... but we still had plenty (although I did buy more just in case). Some of the eggs are connected, but most are not and it's quite the challenge to find a bottom and a top that go together and "click" ... luckily the boys were big helpers both with matching, and filling the eggs. 

I did quite a bit of Easter Eats this year ... I'd seen SO many cute ideas on Pinterest and this was the perfect opportunity to try a lot of them and then share the sweets (as there is enough candy and goodies around anyway).  I made homemade oreos with white cake mix and food coloring ... they turned out cute! I made cake-batter rice krispie treats with pastel sprinkles, pretzel snaps with easter M&Ms, and some candied popcorn. I should have taken a picture of everything, but I wrapped things up for transport to the party and then I forgot once I was there. I made some deviled eggs with the rest of the hard boiled stash and they were gone IMMEDIATELY ... I'll have to remember to make more next year.  I also made my meringue nests earlier in the week, mmmmmm, those are a family favorite!

The big kids hid the eggs all over Grandma and Grandpa's yard, and the little kids had a blast trying to find them all. My dad said he had just found one from LAST year a few days earlier. With the kids getting older and some families not able to make it (Wendy's and Chris' kids weren't there, Scott's oldest were missing, and Callahan and Keaton were still gone with the scouts) there weren't a lot of kids (big OR little) ...

Easter morning was pretty mellow. Some years, it looks more like Christmas than Easter ... this was NOT one of those years. The two little boys were pretty happy but I caught Keaton sulking a bit and had to add a few things (some gum and candy) to his basket to make him smile. With 9:00 church, the kids went ahead and got dressed first thing (Callahan was the last one up and hadn't gotten dressed yet) ...

In the afternoon, we went up to Maga's house. 
We started a new tradition last year... 
An Easter pinata! 
Like last year
I had the kids wear the broken pieces like hats after.

Hope you all had a Happy Hoppy Easter!

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