Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Keaton at the Capitol

It was the field trip for the fifth graders ... 
going to the Utah State Capitol
Can you see Keaton?
He's pretty much right smack in the middle!

Maga works up at the Capitol, so we had given her the heads up and she was able to connect with Keaton and give him a little special treatment. Now all three boys have visited the Capitol recently.   Callahan went with his scout group and Maga was able to catch him, but alas, as mentioned in a previous post, she wasn't able to find Landon when he was there at prom... she tried!  She was able to see my niece Janika when her singing group came to perform there.

Keaton and Maga by the stairs

 Sitting at the desk in the formal Governor's office

In Maga's office ...
Yes ... that's a picture of Cooper's back on her computer ...

I'm glad they were able to connect at the Capitol!

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