Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School

The Blackham Boys at Back to School Night

Summer is over, it's time to go back to school! I could have done portions of this post several weeks ago, as the "back to school" situation has been spread out over several weeks. I just figured I'd wait until EVERYONE was back to school then do ONE post to catch you up :)

I have three kids in elementary school this year ... my Columbia kids. Back to School night was July 20 (that's SUMMERTIME). It was a simple affair this year, simply going and meeting the teachers, seeing the classroom and getting a treat. Cooper was a bit disappointed, because LAST year they had big inflatables and games and such (he and I went while the rest of the family was in Seattle). I was ok with the simple version of "Back to School" night, and there will be an upcoming carnival to fulfill Cooper's expectations.

The Columbia kids (being year round) were the first to go back to school, although being on "D" track, they had a few more weeks than kids on A,B or C ... Keaton is starting 5th grade, Cooper is going into 2nd. Colton, being in kindergarten, started a week later than his brothers, but he did have his kindergarten evaluation that first day too.

Colton was so disappointed that he had to stay home that first week (although Callahan and Landon were still around to help keep him occupied). Then the big day came ... love this last look back... (I remember Landon game me a similar look. His photo is here. You can also compare/contrast Cooper coming OUT on his first day here ... out of all the shirts in the closet, what were the chances they would both choose the EXACT same one!).

The first couple weeks of school have been pretty rough for Cooper though. I was hoping that with the return to routine and the structure of school, his weather worries would fade ... but they haven't. They've gotten worse. It's a phobia. The first day of school I did stop in at the office to let the women there know about his fears (if he showed up there crying or complaining of being "sick"). I also stopped and talked to the school psychologist. I did get a call the first day and went in, but we did get him to finish the day. There have been a lot of calls, a lot of tears, I've had to bring him home a couple of times, and once spent an hour sitting in the back of the classroom ... and we're only on week three ...

After quite a bit of rearranging, I've worked out a carpool so I only have to pick up after school. I have a car FULL of boys on the way home!

Callahan is starting 7th grade at West Hills Middle School ... no one else in the neighborhood is going there, but he's got several of his best buddies from basketball, and he says he's seen several more kids he knows. He seems to be making the transition just fine!

Landon is now in 10th grade at West Jordan High School. The middle school he went to (Elkridge) splits into FOUR different high schools, so his friends are heading in all different directions. He was happy to report that he did have at least one friend in most of his classes. There is a bus ... but it picks up the kids an entire HOUR early. He's been able to snag a ride to school (which is good, as it starts at exactly the same time as Callahan's school does, but is in the opposite direction!), but instead of taking the bus home ... he's decided to walk (it's got to be 2.5 miles!) We'll see how long that lasts when the winter weather kicks in.

As for ME? I love the return to the routine. We've adapted to getting up earlier again without too much trouble (I had been a little worried). So we're signing all the disclosures and paperwork that comes with the beginning of the year. Setting up a homework station and trying to get into good habits for reading and bedtime. And for three hours Mon-Thurs (two hours on Fri) ... I am ALONE ... and that's ok *Ü*

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