Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tricky Treats

SpiderWeb Cupcakes

When you think about Halloween, you often think about CANDY ... I LOVE the candy, and I hope that the small packaging might help with quantity control when it comes to eating it. In previous years, I've made sugar cookies and used candy corn to decorate them like jack-o-lanterns ... but I didn't get around to that this year, because I was so busy making NEW Halloween treats!

Every year at the church, there is a neighborhood "Trunk-or'Treat" (although we do NOT have the kids go from car to car, but rather room to room ... so I'm not sure WHY they use the TRUNK-or-Treat terminology). This year I was asked to bring cupcakes for the cake walk. A friend posted this spiderweb cupcake idea and I thought it was SO cute! It really wasn't very difficult either. You melt white chocolate drops and then simply follow the template from the website linked above. I think these will be an annual trick-or-TREAT each Halloween from now on. If you look behind the spiderweb cupcakes, you can also see my first attempt at cupcakes on a stick. They were a hit as well. It was the first (but not the last) time I used my new Cakesicle Pan.

We also made cookie-press pumpkins. Now the pumpkin shape did NOT come with my original cookie press. I actually hadn't seen this disk until last year. I really wanted it, but I couldn't find anywhere just the disk was sold, and I didn't want to buy and entire set just to get the ONE disk ... but this year ... that is exactly what I did. It was worth it ... these cookies will also be a Halloween (and Thanksgiving) tradition. They are Keaton's favorite.

A friend posted a darling OreoCookieCandyMold treat (seriously, follow this link, they are SO cute!) I actually made a trip to a couple of the local craft stores to try and find the mold, but I couldn't locate it. I'm going to keep looking and hopefully I'll land it before next year (I'll already have the white chocolate drops for the spiderweb toppers). Instead, I made MY homemade oreos (recipe here) and added orange food coloring to the frosting for a Halloween feel.

And then I picked up this large cupcake at the store ... I thought the idea was really cute. I did find these candy eyeballs ... I may have to work on my technique to try and duplicate the "fur" look ... maybe I'll try these critter creations next year, although looking through this post, I probably have ENOUGH tricky treats to send everyone into sugar shock ... and that's NOT including all the candy!

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