Saturday, October 30, 2010


For the past couple spring and fall seasons, Thursday nights at the church have been volleyball night. It's a little bit social, a little bit cardio (a very little bit ... church volleyball rarely works up a sweat) but it's just FUN. It's for all the women in the stake area, and usually there are about 15 women who show up. It's all very low key and casual, not competitive at all. There are a couple gals with "skills" ... I'm just mediocre. I don't really remember playing much in young womens or school, but as long as there is volleyball at the church on Thursday nights, I'll clear my schedule if I can. I almost lost my wedding ring once (I had taken it off to play, placed it in my purse and then forgotten to put it back on and walked home ... the ring fell out in the church building ... but luckily it was returned to me, whew! I'm careful to leave it home now!) At one point, a pair of missionaries joined us each week ... they were pretty good and it was funny to see them playing in their suits!

We just finished up the fall season with regionals. Yes, the First Ward went on to region ... why did our ward go to region? Is it because we are SO good? No ... it's because we actually have six+ women who come each week, and we are the only ward that could actually put together a team. We went to region last year ... and both years we've gotten thoroughly trounced.

I know the church puts together a softball team ... I'm NOT into softball. I don't think the women get together to play basketball (I WATCH basketball, I don't play) ... I WISH there was enough interest for some soccer games, I love soccer! I guess I'll have to wait for spring volleyball again.

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