Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costumed Kids

Halloween 2010

Last year I went a little overboard on costumes ... I bought ALL new (Lugi for Landon, Mario for Cooper, a Basketball Box for Callahan, BumbleBee for Keaton, Buzz for Colton ... and Woody for Cooper, even though he already had the Mario costume). The kids do generally get several opportunities to wear their costumes other than just Halloween night. This year, I didn't buy ANY new, the kids just went through the boxes of costumes from previous years (although Landon's was purchased last year AFTER Halloween on clearance, so it was new, just not purchased this year) ...First up is the Halloween party at school (see the Halloween Party Post for pictures and a video) where the kids dressed simply in their Sesame Street hats for costumes. Colton had his preschool party the Thursday before Halloween ... here's a picture of him and his teacher (isn't that the CUTEST costume?)
Colton and Ms. Cindy

Landon also had celebrations at school ... he had a special backpack for the day ... even his shoes were a matching black and orange ... I called him Jack-O-Landon *Ü* During the day, the 9th graders got to have a Halloween dance. Landon took off his orange shirt and became a "Chick Magnet"

The Friday night before Halloween, there was the annual neighborhood party over at the church. The different church organizations (primary, young mens, young women, elders, etc.) each are in charge of a room which they decorate according to a theme. Gray and Landon were with the young men and a Cowboy and Indians themed room. Now I said *I* did not buy any new costumes this year ... but Landon didn't have Indian attire ... so hubby made a stop and $40 later, we do now have an Indian costume to add to the box (boxes) ... Grayson was able to make due with existing stuff for his cowboy costume.

After the Friday festivities, the kids went trick-or-treating in the cold and rain on Saturday night. Our house is in a little loop ... and the younger kids rarely ever make it out of our small little neighborhood, this year was no exception. The older kids did venture a little further, staying out after the little ones came home. But I think the little boys enjoy answering the door and handing out candy almost as much as collecting it! The favorites for the older boys are Reese's ... the little boys like Kit Kats and Twix. Landon said he's going on a health kick and NOT eating any candy... that's more willpower than I have!


  1. Oh the 'Chick Magnet' is too cute. And on such a good looking kid! Perfect.

  2. I just looked at all your baked goodies -- wow! You are so ambitious. I NEVER bake (especially now that I can't eat any of it.) It is a good thing Janika loves to bake so that are kids aren't too deprived!

    Love the missionary week idea. That is impressive that he would wear Sunday best for a week!


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