Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Marathon Man

Grayson has run a few half-marathons, but hadn't yet tackled the elusive 26.2 mile race. After NOT getting into the St. George Marathon, both Gray and his brother Clay decided to try the Top of Utah Marathon in Logan. Grayson has been doing distance for a while, but didn't really do any specific training. He finished with an awesome time of 3:44 (clip off a couple minutes from the photo above as wasn't at the front of the pack for the start).

Gray and Clay went down Friday night so they could be at the starting line bright and early on Saturday morning. Pam took Colton, Addie and Aiden for a sleep over Friday night, then Courtney and Co. joined the kid crew to cheer on the guys at the finish (you can read her post on their blog here).

Back at home, Cooper had a soccer game and Callahan had a basketball game, so I was on Mom Duty back in West Jordan. During Callahan's game, I was watching while jogging around the track strategically placed directly above the basketball court. While I went around the track, I figured at that moment, Grayson was nearing the end of his long run... and I bet that even after 20+ miles, he was going faster than I was on my first one!

Next up? The guys have signed up for the Ogden Marathon in the spring ... Go Blackham Boys! Grayson even "bic"ed his head ... aerodynamic baby!

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  1. Congratulations. I remember after my hubby's first big race he signed up for three more the day he got home. I couldn't believe it. It's so cool to have a passion like running.


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