Wednesday, October 20, 2010

School Halloween Parties

It's Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar ...
"Easy" Halloween Costumes!

For kids on D-Track in year round school ... Halloween comes a bit early. The kids get out of school on Oct13 and don't go back until Nov8 ... so, any scary celebrations at school happen mid-October. Last year, I was the room mom for Cooper's class, and had offered to do it again this year (room moms are in charge of planning the parties). I guess the need was greater in the older classes however, as I was asked to be room mom for Callahan's class instead. I had to shift my thinking from six/seven year olds to 6th graders, but got busy planning some activities for the party. Then Keaton's teacher sent a note that their room mom was out of town on the date of the Halloween party, could anyone help ... I figured I was already doing one party, so I said I'd head up the one for the 4th grade too (held at an earlier hour). The first grade party was actually at the start of the day ... I considered saying I'd help out there too, but decided two parties would be enough this year.

We had several activities, divided the kids up into groups and had them rotate through. The kids seemed to have fun at all the centers ... they were
  • Bag Decorating
  • Cup Crash
  • Candy Corn Toss
  • Spider Drop
  • Halloween Pictureka
  • Bone Bender (Twister, Halloween style)
  • Make a Mummy

For the first party (4th grade) I had enough parent volunteers that I was able to walk around with my camera and take pictures and video (and make the little Muvee above). I didn't really get any pictures of the 6th grade party because I was needed to man one of the stations.

The kids did "easy" costumes for school this year ... basically slipping on a Sesame Street baseball cap for their costume (that's the picture at the top). Colton came and "helped" at both parties and was a darling Mario. I did spend a little more than I intended, but now that I have all the materials, I guess I'll just have to offer to host the Halloween parties each year to get my money's worth! Oriental Trading Co had some cute games as well, and I actually had placed an order with them ... but it didn't arrive until after the party!

Of course there was also treat time ... donuts from the PTA, and I filled a big black cauldron with fruit punch and dry ice, which the kids loved. Both parties went well ... but I'm glad they are done!

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  1. Looks like fun (and a lot of work). Great job Jen -- love the video!!


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