Monday, September 23, 2013

Jump and Dunk

During the summer, Callahan hung out at a friend's home where the basketball hoop was positioned next to the trampoline. This enabled the boys to do some great dunks. Now, several years ago, we replaced our old basketball hoop (Hoop Dreams) with a new one. But the old hoop never really went away. It was moved to the driveway and was still in use. With Landon driving now, and having an extra car in front of the house, it was in the way.

I had Landon help me (that's the nice way of saying I supervised while he did the manual labor) move the old hoop into the backyard, next to our trampoline. I thought I was doing this for Callahan ... but it was Cooper who fell in love with the jump/dunk.  It's been great, getting him outside (as his weather phobia has resurfaced) and active. The first few times I caught him HANGING on the rim, I chastised him a bit. Then I gave up and just made sure the hoop base had enough weight to keep it upright even with such abuse.

All that hanging did eventually cause problems. 
A blister on the kid's hand. 

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