Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Updates

Yes Apple ... I am aware there is an update for my phone. It's been all over the Internet. Landon had late start the morning it was released and was anxiously refreshing to computer to see if the update was live yet. So anxious! Now me ... I don't really like change. So as Grayson and the boys installed the update, I did not.  But then, my apps got stuck in this limbo stage, they started updating, and couldn't finish (I assume as they were updated for the new ios, and I didn't have the new ios) but I couldn't use them as they were updating. So I felt like I HAD to make the switch. 

Personally, I don't have strong feelings either way.
At least all my apps updated okay.

Along with the ios update, Apple also introduced updated product. A new iphone. If you know anything about Grayson, you won't be surprised to hear he brought home the new one almost immediately. He surprised me a little by asking if I wanted to upgrade. I THOUGHT he was offering the newest model to me ... silly me to think that. He was just asking if I wanted to switch from my iphone 4s to his old iphone 5 as HE upgraded to the newest model. Even when I thought he was offering me the newest model, I told him I was perfectly happy with my phone as is. So Callahan got the "old" iphone (no service plan, although he sure wants it activated) and Colton got Callahan's old ipod touch (which was the latest model).

How do you feel about updates? 

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