Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hoop Dreams

I can't remember when we got our basketball hoop. I think it was about five years ago. It has really gotten a LOT of use. As it was dragged around and moved, the base wore through, so all the water weighing it down leaked out. We tried some patches and other weights, but on windy days, the hoop would tip over and smash into the street. While the backboard never broke, the hoop became more oval than circular, the various hooks holding the net on were smashed or broken off, requiring the use of duct tape to keep the net in place. The backboard became unscrewed, so that it tipped forward and slanted a bit to the right. And it would still fall over ... I was a bit worried it might hit a car or a kid. Callahan has been wanting a new hoop for quite a while now. He had a birthday earlier this year, and I suppose we really should have gotten a new hoop for him then. Recently, Callahan has been working hard (helping do derbies with his dad) and earned a bit of money, enough that we said we'd look for a new hoop. A neighbor had gotten a steal of a deal in the KSL classifieds, and we were keeping our eyes open, but we were always too late, all were sold before we could get it. So, we finally just bought one new, Grayson assembled it, and hopefully, Callahan is happy!

1 comment:

  1. Stockton would be so jealous! :) Maybe he can try it out with C some time.. :)


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