Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Gadgets for Gray

If you know Grayson, you know he LOVES gadgets. This was his most recent purchase ... switches that can be controlled via an app on his (and my) iphone. You know, for those times when you are laying in the perfect comfy bed and just want to roll over and go to sleep ... but the light is still on. That's no problem now. Same with the fan ... too hot, turn it on, too cold? Turn it off ... all from right where you are, no need to move. 

The front porch lights can be an issue at times ... I seem to be the ONLY person in the house who knows how to turn them on. When I'm not home, I'll always come home to a dark house. The other night ... as the sun went down, I turned the porch lights on, even though I wasn't home. I have been frustrated in the mornings when I forget to turn them off and I don't realize it until I'm already in the car backing out. Now I can turn them off quick and easy without having to run back into the house.

Gray loves gadgets ... I actually like this one too!

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