Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cooper's Collection

I asked Cooper what his favorite part about the trip to Seattle was ... and he said it was his license plate collection! Huh ... While they were out, and especially during the long wait for the ferry to the island, Grayson told Cooper to snap pictures of different license plates - to try and get as many different states as possible.  Cooper loved it. The kids were so excited when they found an Alaska and even a Hawaii. We've added a few more since they've been home, and Cooper is still always on the lookout for ones he doesn't have.   Here's just a small snapshot of some of his collection ...

You can check out his complete collection HERE ...

Who knew, in a couple years, Cooper would use his collection for a school assignment and make a cute poem! I included it on that post (School Assignments and Such) but thought I'd post it here as well.

License plates, license plates
All across the United States.
As I travel in my car
Whether I’m going near or far
I look at the license plates.

In Utah, our cars show what is in our state
Everyone knows the skiing is great!
Or if you like it dry and hot
Give our National Parks a shot.

There are some license plates are just plain yellow.
Like New Mexico. A good place to go and be mellow.
New York and Alaska have yellow plates too.
But Texas, Indiana and Idaho’s are red, white and blue.

Florida features oranges on its plate.
It is also known as the “Sunshine State.”
Both Ohio and Iowa take time to show
The beautiful land where they plant and grow.

Hawaii shows a rainbow so high
Up against a blue, blue sky.
California and Illinois plates are pretty plain.
Except for the fancy cursive of their name.

South Carolina has a plane. They were “first in flight”.
Wyoming shows a cowboy, putting up a fight.
Oregon features a tall tree of green.
But in Arizona, only a cactus can be seen.

Wisconsin says it’s America’s dairy land.
Washington and Colorado feature mountains grand.
Minnesota features it’s 10,000 lakes.
While Nevada proclaims it’s the “Silver State”

Of course there’s a lot more that we could name.
Like Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Maine.
I keep a look out in my car.
But those states are so very far.

Maybe now you’ll start looking too.
To see different states, many or few.
Make it a contest, make it a game.
None of the license plates are exactly the same.
I found a lot … how about you?

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