Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Belated Back to School Shopping

My poor kids. I'm not one of those big "Back to School" shoppers. I don't buy things just because school is starting, I wait until things are actually needed.  Callahan has been using his red "Utes" backpack for ... probably five years now. It was actually still usable, but when I found a new Nike one on sale, I thought I'd surprise him with it.

Callahan has been complaining that he doesn't have enough shirts either. As I went to look through his closet, sure enough, almost everything hanging in there was too small. Many things had already been transferred to the closet right next to his (Keaton's closet) ... but some shirts were SO small, that I moved them directly to Cooper's closet! Both Callahan and Keaton had also been complaining of not having enough socks, so I stocked up on socks for both boys, and got several new shirts for Callahan.

I bought new basketball lunchboxes for both the little boys, as similar to Callahan's backpack, they had been using the same ones for several years and they were pretty beat up.

I think we are pretty well stocked now. Although with the change in seasons, I'm sure I'll need to spend more time going through closets and moving things from one to the next. The benefit of having all boys ... just handing stuff down!

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  1. Okay WOW, 5 boys! I felt bad for my mom for having 5 girls, but boys! I can't even imagine your grocery bill!

    You are a no-reply blogger Jen so I couldn't respond to the comment you left on my blog today :( Maybe you could fix that so we could talk, I would super love to be able to respond to your comments in the future :)

    Furthermore, I am so intrigued by your blog right now, I need to spend some time this weekend reading it. I wish you had the GFC widget so I could follow you!


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