Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cooking

 Ah the holidays ... time for cooking up lots of holiday treats! Keaton's favorite cookies are "cookie press" cookies and I do like to make them during the Christmas season because of the cute tree shape. I also use the flower with pink/red dough, and I think it looks like a pretty poinsettia. 

I also made gingersnaps, cinnamon rolls, marshmallow brownies (with peppermint marshmallows), chex mix ... so many goodies! For the Christmas Eve party on the Westra side, I made a big batch of chicken noodle soup, rolls and breadsticks.

I was craving toffee, so I tried making a batch (it turned out ok). Landon came in and got SO excited thinking they were peanut butter bars ... they do look VERY similar. He didn't really want toffee, so he got out all the ingredients and made a batch of the bars ... they DO look a lot a like, don't  you think?

Treat Twins

Of course we got a ton of treats from friends and neighbors too ...

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  1. They DO look just alike! Those treats all sound so yummy!


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