Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Programs

Christmas Season ... full of parties, programs and performances.  Of course there is the annual Columbia Christmas program at the elementary school.  Still three Blackham Boys performing (Keaton/5th Grade, Cooper/2nd Grade, Colton/Kindergarten). It's always a trial trying to find parking, and it was even worse this year with all the construction around the school. I didn't even try for a spot, but went down to the Arctic Circle a quarter mile away. I brought the video camera and caught some clips and compiled them here for family who didn't make the live performance (although the video version is quite condensed!) 

The end of the video showcased Cooper and Colton in a nativity at our ward Christmas party (Grayson was narrating too) ... there was another nativity during the Junior Primary (didn't get pictures, I think Colton was a shepherd that time) and then again at Maga's for the BlackhamBunch Christmas celebration.  The older boys had been very adamant that they would NOT be participating, but then when other older cousins were willing (and I had some new additions to the costumes) they all jumped right in. Landon is the star ... he was facing backwards in this picture, wish I caught his face better!

 We've done the nativity on the Westra side for many years, although not in recent years (too many other things to do, the slideshow, the candybar game). Too bad we didn't get around to it though, as we had a brand new baby to play Jesus (S&A's new addition born on Grayson's birthday). I offered to get out a few costumes JUST for a picture but at Grayson's panicked look, we passed (the kids were pretty busy). Cooper had also stated that after doing it twice already, he did NOT want to do "the activity" again! 

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