Monday, December 26, 2011

All Together Again

 On Christmas Eve, 
the entire Westra clan was present, so we took a family photo.
The holidays do bring families together!

We also had everyone in town on the Blackham side, as Kolby's family had flown in from Portland. We met at Bucca de Beppo for a big family dinner. There were too many of us to sit at the Pope table as we had done years earlier. We should  have gotten a big family photo, but I didn't push a pose, so this is what I got ...
Buca de Blackhams
After dinner, everyone came over to our house for a bit, then Callahan and I left to his basketball game ( a competition tournament over the holiday weekend, it started a 9:00).  Over half the Blackham Bunch came out to watch and cheer Callahan  on (usually he only has me in the crowd, he was a little nervous playing in front of so much family). It was a great game though! A real nail-biter (even went into overtime) and Callahan really showed off this skills. Of course I made a video, and you can see it here!

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