Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sick Season

We've had a pretty good run of good health, so I'm not really complaining. Then in November the COUGHS came to visit. It started with Landon, then Keaton, then the other boys (then me). Keaton had it the worst, he would sometimes cough so much he would throw up. He had to come home from school a couple times. It has impacted his basketball ... after several weeks he's still not really over it. 

Then there was the stomach bug. Colton was at his early morning basketball game when he said his tummy hurt. We ended up leaving the game early and heading home, but not quite early enough, as the poor little guy threw up all over in the car. Again on Sunday ... Cooper joined him on Monday (and I kept Keaton home too). The three boys were all situated in the "sick" spots on the couch, with their cups of "tickle juice" (Sprite) and buckets nearby. It was just a one day thing for Cooper, he and Keaton went back to school the next day, but Colton was still down Tuesday (I even ran him to the doctor as he was in a lot of pain and this was going on for so many days, but it was just a stomach bug). Still home Wednesday, then he finally made it back to school.

Let's all be well for Christmas!

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  1. That is the worst! We've had a couple of kids sick with the stomach bug here too, but it seemed to be a mild case thank goodness!


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