Saturday, December 17, 2011

... It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas ...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! What makes it feel like Christmas at the Blackham house 2011?  We always decorate the front porch with alpine trees and greenery and poinsettia plants, with wreaths under the lights on the garage and on the front door ... this year Grayson put up the outdoor lights! Yea, it's been years since we've had them as part of our holiday decor :)

 The stockings hung by the fireplace ...
A variety of holiday nesting dolls
our little elf slide toy

The Winter Wonderland Skating Pond ... this was given to us LONG ago and we've really enjoyed getting it out each year! It's on it's last legs, having been beaten up through the years. A fond memory with this was little Landon taking his dinosaurs and placing them in the scene, with one poor skater in the mouth of a T-rex, with the other skaters looking up in terror ... *Ü*

The kinetic pyramid ...
 the heat from the candles causes the inner scenes to rotate. 
A funny memory not with THIS pyramid, but Maga's.
 ... it caught fire and went up in flame!
A Christmas memory those there will never forget!

... and then there is the Santa head filled with M&M candies. Christmas just is not complete until he is out and filled up (and then of course emptied out) ... the "clank" of the candy jar being opened and closed is a common sound throughout the holidays. 

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