Monday, September 12, 2011

SO Funny!

See Callahan
Callahan is Laughing
Callahan thinks he is SO funny
He locked Mom out of the car ... again.

It happens EVERY time ... if Callahan is in the car and I am not, he will lock me out ... and then he will laugh and laugh and laugh. Then he will unlock and relock it, seeing who is faster, if I'm able to get the door open before it locks again. If he wins, he will laugh and laugh again. As crazy as it makes me sometimes, it is hard not to laugh. Even after 100 times ...

Landon decided to be SO funny the other day too. We had gone to the store and I had him return the shopping cart while I started to back out. He walks back ... slams into the car and falls onto the ground. He was quite convincing, I'm sure many people around thought I had hit him... until he got up laughing. Again, it was hard not to laugh. Landon, like Callahan, has now started to pull this trick over and over again (I'm a little afraid one of these days he's going to actually get hurt in the process though, that would not be so funny).

I pull my own trick on these two boys. When we get home from school carpools, they have to come from the passenger side of the car, around up to the door to the house ... and I start closing the garage door on them (there is NO room behind the car once the door comes down, so they could conceivably be trapped). Landon has become quite adept at hopping over the the little safety laser light and ducking down, getting onto the other side of the garage ... Callahan still needs a little work (he trips the laser which makes the door go back up) ... but I think I'll keep pushing the little button and watching them scramble while I laugh and laugh and laugh ... I'm SO funny!

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