Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Laser Land

I'm always on the lookout for fun things for the kids to do, especially to keep busy during the summer months. I had noticed a flyer for a new play place called Fun 'n Motion which was opening up very close by (90th South and 40th West). It had bouncy houses ... but Jump'nBounce has a lot more. It had arcade games, but NickelMania or even the arcade at bowling had more ... BUT it was unique in that it had Laser Tag and a Laser Maze. These two activities made this place an instant favorite for the older kids (I think the young ones would actually like it too, but it is a bit pricey, and when the little ones didn't ask, I didn't push them to try it). I think the place has been open about a month, we hit it on Monday just to check it out, as Groupon was offering a deal ($11 for an all day pass) and I wanted to see if we should purchase it. We went with a coupon giving us a pizza, a pitcher of soda and 100 tokens for $20. Then I paid for a game of laser tag and laser maze for Landon and Keaton (Callahan had left that morning for scout camp). They liked it ... a LOT!

As Keaton and Landon had the laser activities, I let the little ones use most of the tokens ... it's amazing how quickly kids can go through 100 tokens! Cooper was pretty happy about hitting the jackpot in a couple of the games and winning quite a few tickets. The boys love collecting tickets and redeeming them for prizes.

We got a pizza, and all the boys said it was yummy. Landon and Keaton wanted to do more laser tag ... Landon really wanted Cooper and Colton to try it, but at $6 a game, well ... I shut it down for the day and we went home and bought the Groupon. I wanted to wait a week (for Callahan to be able to go too), but Landon and Keaton were too anxious to try it again ... we went back the next day (well, I just dropped the two older boys off). Unlimited laser tag and laser maze. They lasted a few hours and got in several games of each. With the maze, they keep a record of the top 10 times (three levels, Rookie, Veteran, Elite) since the place opened. They also keep a video loop of the kids with the fastest times. Keaton was so excited because he had placed in the top 10 for the higher levels, and was holding the first place spot on the rookie level! He completed the challenge in just 13 seconds! He wanted to get a picture and video (before somebody broke his record) ... so we actually went back AGAIN that day with camera in hand, but I was glad for the pictures and video to make a muvee of his accomplishment!

I bought four unlimited passes on my Groupon account, and four more on Grayson's account. So after using two today, the three older boys can go back a couple more times. We look forward to introducing Callahan to the place. The little boys want to go back too. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more coupon deals!

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