Thursday, July 7, 2011

Start of Summer Breakfast

Every year, as the school lets out and "summer" officially begins for the boys, we have a "start of summer" breakfast. We do this at the end of the summer too. Last year we went to Virg's ... and the boys love that place, but I had a coupon to "The Outpost" so we went there. For MY breakfast, I like pancakes, bacon and hashbrowns ... I don't care for eggs. It's very hard to find this combination anywhere, I always have to get the hashbrowns on the side, or substitute them for an extra charge. At Outpost, they have a perfect breakfast platter with all three (ok ... it does come with eggs too, but Gray or the boys will usually eat them). They also have GREAT french toast, and really reasonable prices. I needn't have ordered the extra two pancakes ... summer, here we come!

Now I know you're not supposed to swim right after eating ... but after our breakfast we headed to Grandma's house. The boys hit the pool, while Mom and Grandpa played a little tennis (then joined the boys, the cool water was welcome after working up a sweat). A tennis ball (a few of them) joined everyone in the pool too! One of the things the boys like best about swimming at this pool is throwing a ball with Grandpa. Nice catch Cooper!

Boohbah ... I mean Callahan.
Hopefully we'll be able to hit the pool a few more times during the summer. We've actually been a couple times already (on Friday afternoons when the boys got out early from school). Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting us come out!

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