Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Belated Birthday

Back in February, Callahan turned twelve years old ... now he's only had ONE "friend" birthday party (we usually limit them to once every few years and just have family celebrations annually). I had promised him he could have one for his big #12 ... we talked about some possibilities, but everything was so expensive and we just didn't get it planned. Saturdays were busy with basketball (although school was out for his actual birthday, on Monday the 21, for President's Day ... I have NO excuses!) Callahan was wishing his birthday was in the summer months, when it was warm and we could have a water party and play basketball. I did bring up the possibility of having a belated birthday in the summer ... and now, summer was here. His basketball team had a bye and wasn't playing, we had an open Saturday ... so, it was time. Happy Belated Birthday Callahan! He invited his basketball team and some friends from the neighborhood/school. It was a wet and wild time. We had ...
  • Dunk Tank: This was the main attraction. Kids had fun being both the dunker and the dunkee. We actually picked it up early (thanks Uncle Clay!) Friday night and enjoyed an extra day of play, making sure the little ones got plenty of action too. Grayson allowed himself to be dunked ... and so did I.
  • Waterballoons and Slingshots: We set up Grayson's wonderful waterballoon filler (so seven people can be filling at the same time), and in addition to the regular small waterballoons, we used bigger, regular sized ones and even the long, twisty ones to make long water snakes. With the smaller balloons, the kids could use slingshots to hurl them over the house (or at each other). There are little plastic pieces of balloons ALL over our yard.
  • Diet Coke Geyser: Have you seen the Mentoes/Diet Coke experiment? We've done it before, but I picked up a handy dandy little item (Geyser Tube) that made it quick and easy ... we did it four times.
  • Water Rockets: We used the empty two-liter Diet-Coke bottles on Grayson's fun rocket launcher's to propel them high into the air, spraying water as they went.
  • Paracord Party Favors: A final activity was letting the boys make a paracord bracelet to take home.

And of course, cake and ice cream! We love the chocolate cake from Sam's Club ... although THIS was the first time it was finished off entirely in one sitting (I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, with that many teenaged boys!). I should have used the insta-light candles, this crowd would have appreciated them. Oh well. I think Callahan had a happy birthday ... even if it was five months late.

Keaton still had a basketball game later that day (at 5:00) ... I was tired from the party and was worried that Keaton would be worn out too, but no worries there! Keaton had a GREAT game, view his highlights here.

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