Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Missionary Week

The final week of the quarter, Landon's seminary class held "Missionary Week" ... and during that week, the kids were to try to live as a missionary would (no texting, no pop music, no television, video games or Internet ... white shirt and tie for the guys, etc.). The kids received points for each portion they were able to accomplish (extra points for preparing a lesson or giving away a Book of Mormon). Monday through Thursday, Landon wore his Sunday best to school. He TRIED to give up texting, music, television and video games ... but it was a little too hard (he caved after about one day). I liked missionary week *Ü* even though Landon wasn't perfect, I could tell he was trying a bit harder than usual. And the brothers took advantage of it too ... if Landon did do something inappropriate, they would yell "missionary, missionary" ... we'll see if that reminder sticks even as "missionary week" comes to a close.

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