Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seems Like Summer

We live in a great neighborhood. Tucked back so there isn't a lot of traffic, and then on a cul-de-sac to boot. I wish we had a nice, flat driveway to put our basketball hoop on, but alas, it's got a bit of an incline. So ... the basketball hoop is there on the street. Our hoop gets a LOT of action, not only from our kids, but from many of the neighbor kids as well. Horse, 21, Tornado, Poison ... or an actual game, it's fun to see the kids in action. It certainly felt like summer with a big group of kids playing streetball into the evening hours (didn't I post about SNOW just two days earlier?) ... Ironically, I'm missing my main basketball boy Callahan, who was out with his dad doing a derby (trying to earn enough money to buy a NEW hoop ... as this one's base leaks causing it to fall over a few times, resulting in a slightly oval shaped basket with broken hooks, requiring duct tape to help keep the net in place). I came out and took some pictures and video and made a little muvee. The munchkins were playing on the smaller hoop too. I got some good video of some great shots.

...and then ... it was quiet ... and my yard looked like this ...

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