Sunday, May 23, 2010

Food Feats and Family Fun

The young men had an activity at our home ... I'm not sure of all the details ... but it was basically a pizza eating competition.
They started off great, you can see how they would layer the slices and eat two or three at a time! But ultimately ... I think the pizza won. Landon says he won't eat pizza again for a while! This next activity (picture below) is a transition for the blog ... both a "food feat" and "family fun" ... an ice cream tasting event.
Grayson bought several different kinds of vanilla ice cream. From an inexpensive store brand, to a high priced gourmet. He placed the ice cream into identical containers (but labeled with a number) and then also blindfolded (or used a ski cap pulled over the eyes) so that we wouldn't be swayed by brand names or ice cream appearance. It was fun to try different kinds side-by-side and then everyone got to finish with their favorite.

Saturdays are usually full of sports, this last Saturday was no exception. Callahan had his last basketball game early (8:00!) and there were soccer and baseball games scheduled for later in the day. But the weather was rainy and cold, so both games were canceled, leaving us with an open afternoon. We packed up the kids and went to see a movie (How to Train Your Dragon). While it did still cost a bit with popcorn and drinks, we actually had free passes (there had been some sound issues when we'd taken the older boys to see Iron Man 2 a couple weeks ago, and the theater gave out free passes to say sorry). We don't go see movies as a family very often ... and the little ones had a bit of a hard time sitting though it ("is it time to go home yet?").

Back at home, Callahan and Keaton got Daddy to play Monopoly with them. Can YOU tell who is winning? Notice Grayson's Iphone there on the playing board ... no, he wasn't checking his email during the game, we had misplaced the dice, and the Iphone had a "dice" application! That's my gadget guy!


  1. LOVE the pizza eating contest! But I'm curious...what brand of Vanilla Ice Cream won out??? You MUST tell!

  2. Fun pictures! I saw the pizza eating ones on facebook (on Janika's account). Funny! So, how did you like the movie?

  3. Brooke - no ONE ice cream won, I actually quite liked the Breyers Double Churn (the lowest calorie) and the boys liked the Smith's store brand (our regular) and a more expensive vanilla bean. Gray had one with coconut milk ... no one liked it! We'll have to try it again with some others (I'd like to try a cheap one at Smiths that the kids SAY they don't like but I wonder if they could really tell ... and Gray always bashes "yellow" vanilla, but again, if blindfolded I wonder if there would be a taste difference).

    Wendy - We liked the movie, it will be interesting to see if the kids will want to see it again when it hits DVD. I know we'll want to go see ToyStory3 when it comes out.


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