Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gadgets Galore

It wasn't long after Grayson purchased the Nook E-Reader, that Apple announced the Ipad ... Gray pretty much immediately felt extreme dissatisfaction with his Nook. I wondered how long Grayson would be able to withstand the pull of the Ipad ... not long! I had joked that he and the boys could get it for ME for Mother's Day, but he couldn't wait even that long. It does look pretty snazzy, not that I've played with it much. Gray is using it for work, and the boys love taking turns on it.

Now I DO have me a new gadget though. It's called the Fitbit and it's basically a fancy electronic pedometer. It tracks your steps and activity level and syncs with your computer, showing all the data in handy graphs. It is a sleep tracker as well. I actually haven't given up my Omron, but am wearing both *Ü* I ordered this back in February, but they haven't been able to keep the supply up to the demand, so it was several months before I actually got it.

I can compare the accuracy of both my pedometers when I'm walking/jogging outside with Grayson's Garmin. Now this fun toy uses GPS to display your distance, speed, etc. I'm actually an "indoor exerciser" and love my elliptical and treadmill, but this makes outdoor activities more interesting.

And below ... are my lovely wireless headphones. I have two different kinds (and three different Ipod shuffles). The Arriva ( below) is great, you can hardly even tell I'm wearing it. It's very portable (you can shove it into your pocket or purse, it bends). The Monster is a little more bulky and does make me look a bit like a cyborg, but on cooler days, the headphones actually keep my ears warm. It's nice that when I stop using it for a bit, I can just loop it around my neck before popping it up on my ears again.
Grayson has always been a gadget guy ... but it's really rubbed off on me, I'm a gadget girl!

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