Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Resuming the Routine

When the elementary school is year round, "Back to School" isn't just in August, it happens several times throughout the year. I really don't mind having the kids around when they are off track, they are good boys. I certainly don't mind not having to drive to the school a couple times each day, and getting after the kids about homework ... but it's just hard transitioning back into a normal routine each time school starts again. I was definitely worried about getting up on time ... not just the kids, but myself as well. My oldest, who is in Jr. High, had still been getting up early and off to school, but he's so responsible, doing it all himself, that I would often still be in bed until after he left. I was especially worried about my #3, Keaton. He REALLY seemed to enjoy lounging in bed. Well, we all managed to get up and off fine. Even Colton resumed preschool ... preschool doesn't go off track, but his teacher has just had a baby and that break lined up with the older kids off track time perfectly. Preschool is a good thing for Colton, as he really misses his brothers when they are at school. With them going back on track, he's had to adjust again to some mornings with just Mom. He can't wait until kindergarten is done and it's time to pick up Cooper ... and then both boys look forward to their older brothers coming home later in the day (although at least they have each other until then).

Without the schedule of school, it's also hard for me to remember other things, like basketball practice or scouts. Being the third week, it was actually Pack Meeting today. It was the annual Blue and Gold Banquet. Callahan, who will turn 11 next Sunday received his Arrow of Light award. Congratulations Callahan.


  1. That's Awesome Callahan! Josh Norman received his the other night as well!

  2. Jase's school schedule is so early that he is often out the door before I am out of bed too. It is a good thing these kids are so responsible!

    Congrats to Callahan on his Arrow of Light!


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