Friday, February 12, 2010

Out To Breakfast

Nothing makes a day feel more like a holiday to me than going out to breakfast. Grayson had this week off as he transitions between jobs, the elementary school kids were off-track, and Landon had late start Friday ... so although it wasn't a holiday, we headed out for an early morning meal. Now there are the traditional places ... IHOP, Village Inn, Dennys ... but we prefer something a little different. During the summer, we'd gone as a family to Virg's (5800 S Redwood) and the boys were adamant about going back there. HUGE pancakes! But I wanted to share with them another diner Gray and I had frequented, Outpost Café (7700 S and State). It's a sports themed place, with lots of UofU posters ... so I thought my U fans would like it. Yummy pancakes, delicious french toast, great eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and sausage. Pretty reasonable prices too. Colton ate more than Keaton or Cooper did. Landon didn't eat his bacon ... he said he only likes Mom's bacon :) Daddy commented "It's just pig and salt, it's all the same" ... Landon replied "Mom's bacon is pig and salt and LOVE" ... It's a fun way to start a Friday ... or any day :)

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