Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello Brace Face ...

Callahan has braces! Just a few to start as things get moved into position and a few more teeth come out (he lost TWO just last week ... does the tooth fairy have an age limitation?). Just as we're concluding Landon's monthly visits (he should be getting his off in the next little bit) we start at the very beginning with #2 ... I think he looks cute!


  1. #1 son is on his second set. :( We're holding off on #2, so maybe he'll only have to have them once.

  2. Same as us. Jase is getting his braces on next week and Jani is getting hers off next month!! Jase hasn't lost a tooth in four years! He will probably have to have a bunch of baby teeth pulled like I did when I was his age!


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