Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blackham Bowling

With our year-round elementary schools, we have several two-three week breaks spread throughout the year. One thing we do during the kids "off-track" time to stay busy is bowling at All Star Lanes. Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 -12:00. It's a decent deal; it comes out to $7 for each visit, it includes bowling, shoe rental and lunch (the boys love their pizza and hot dogs). Callahan and Keaton were attending, and I told the two little boys that on the last day, we could stay and bowl too. So that was the plan ... but when we walked in, it was PACKED. Every lane was taken. I guess Bingham High has some sort of bowling program, and there was also a big group of handicapped folks come to play. Allstar had it pretty well set up ... I couldn't believe all the shoes! Anyway, I took my little guys to play in the arcade for a bit (which they like just as much as bowling), we were about to give up and go home when a lane opened up.
Cooper is such a cute little bowler. As he stands and watches the ball roll down he twists his little body trying to WILL the ball one direction or another. He got a few spares!
With Colton being so small, we used to use the help of the rail roller ... but not anymore. He just picks up the ball and flings it down. The timing worked out perfectly. We finished our games at the same time the older boys finished theirs. A little more skeeball, basketball and air hockey in the arcade and it's bye bye bowling until the next off-track session. Thanks All Star Lanes! *Ü*

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