Monday, February 22, 2010

Pizza Please

If you know ME at all ... you know I'm a "bit" of a picky eater. I've never eaten pizza (or a multitude of other things). Actually ... that NEVER eaten pizza statement may need to be revised ... I guess I have. Mountain Mike's Pizza that is. I requested a pizza with white garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese, and I liked it. We've been back for it a few times now. It's basically breadsticks ... and speaking of breadsticks, Mountain Mike's makes great ones! In fact, the kids seem prefer them to pizza. The boys have always finished off the entire batch ... until tonight. We asked if we could up the order from the standard medium to the biggest twenty inch pan size, and although the boys ate a lot, there were breadsticks left over.

While the food keeps us coming back ... we also like the easy going atmosphere of Mountain Mike's. There are games to keep the kids entertained (pool, air hockey and assorted video games) and a television or two showing current sporting events.

Colton LOVES to play air hockey, especially when his brothers let him win. We always have to bring a few dollars to change into quarters to keep the kids happy.

It's a great family night activity ... especially as Mondays all pizzas are half off! So if you haven't tried Mountain Mike's, here's a recommendation from a girl who doesn't even eat pizza.


  1. A-HA! I knew that no one in America in this day and age can get through life without eating pizza!!!! But, I know, the real issue is bread and meat, so this really doesn't count, right? :D

  2. Looks yummy, and we have one pretty close to us.. Have to give it a try... :)You are awesome, a girl who doesn't eat pizza, taking her family to a pizza joint.. Love it!!!


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