Friday, March 7, 2014

Rearranging Rooms and a New Computer

We've had our family computer for a few years now ... we often got a "low space" warning, and the kids complained about how sssllloooww it was. Since Santa didn't bring us a new computer, Grayson went ahead and took care of it. He actually bought a Macbook Air instead of the traditional PC we'd always had before. The kids love it ... I'm not totally sold on it (but then again I still have MY computer in my room, which is the one I use). I really need to spend some time figuring out the Apple vs PC kinks, and getting a new playlist on Itunes so that I can sync (all our playlists mysteriously disappeared a while back with an update).

There was quite a bit of rearranging that had to happen prior to the new computer's placement in the front room though ...

This big rolltop desk was the one that used to be in the front room. The monitor for the mac didn't fit on this desk (Gray likes them big!). So we moved this desk to the "homework room" and moved the desk from that room into the front room.  This space wasn't always the homework room however ... before it looked like what it does now (the picture above), it looked like this (picture below).

That HAD been Gray's spot, but it was also where the kids hung their back packs and coats and it collected all sorts of clutter.  Grayson requested a new, less cluttered space.

I don't have a "before" picture ... 
I should have taken a before picture.
This is/was my scrapbook room ... all my supplies, empty table space. But alas, I haven't scrapbooked in years. This room became the Lego room. What? You don't have a Lego room? There were three big rubbermaid boxes full of Legos, and Lego creations spread out across all the table space. Legos and other toys all over the floor. Although my stuff is still along the wall on one side ...

There was a less-cluttered spot for Gray.

... and after he "moved in"

And the Legos? Well, they are still around. The boys don't want to build and then put away their creations and cars, so the Legos end up sitting on the ping pong table in the downstairs family room. This does pose a problem if one wants to play ping pong ... and it's not as easy to  keep the Lego stuff under wraps (away from small cousins who may destroy, or to preserve the appearance of a clean home to older eyes) but I guess it's worth it to keep the kids happy and engaged in imaginative play.

I'm writing this blog from my PC. 
I still need to figure out the Mac.

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